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May 3rd, 2016

Make the Most of Mother’s Day in Marina del Rey

Mother's Day Blog

This Sunday, May 8th, is Mother’s day and that means it’s time to start making plans to honor the spectacular mom in your life. First item on the agenda: order the flowers and a box of See’s because let’s face it — you can never go wrong with the classics.


Second, make her feel extra special by doing something fabulous and fun with her right here in Marina del Rey.

If you’re currently having a creativity block on ideas, no worries, because we have some great ones for you to consider right here.  Take a look!


April 13th, 2016



Our planet is a pretty precious part of all of our lives, and while we appreciate the unbelievable eye candy it delivers (especially in gorgeous Marina del Rey), we sometimes forget that to keep it healthy, we need to do our part. That’s where Earth Day comes in (which is officially Friday, April 22nd) — it’s a a great reminder that we all need to pitch in to care for our environment and keep it thriving for future generations. That means staying dedicated to recycling, keeping our streets, greenery and water clean and learning about sustainability and how to incorporate smarter practices into our daily lives!

All around us for the next couple of weeks, there are a ton of Earth Day themed events that are fun, motivating, educational and totally worth checking out. Take a look!


March 29th, 2016

Puttin’ on the Ritz: Marina del Rey’s Ritz Carlton Unveils Gorgeous Room Renovations

If you have any friends or family coming in town (or you just feel like treating yourself to a sensational waterfront weekend in the Marina), we have some awesome hotel news for you — the super luxurious Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey just completed their guest room renovations and boy, did they ever do a fab job. Where before they were a wee bit outdated, now, every guest room and suite is chic and sophisticated with kind of an understated, modern elegance. In other words: they’re everything you’d expect from the Ritz Carlton.


Using a renowned international interior design firm, the newly updated rooms are inspired by the Marina’s unbelievable sunsets with white, orange, gold and crisp sea blue making up the color scheme, and design elements like geode-bedazzled lamps (FYI: geodes are these hollow rocks filled with beautiful, sparkly crystals inside… amazing), custom-made art work and sleek headboards enhanced by a dramatic, gold “sea urchin” embellishment. There’s also a nice 49-inch flat panel TV in every room and a Nespresso® coffee machine to satisfy your early morning caffeine cravings (because the Ritz Carlton is not making you settle for some rickety, old Mr. Coffee).