June 16th, 2015

5 Best Father’s Day Tech Gifts for the Marina del Rey Dad in Your Life

Virtual Keyboard

This Sunday is Father’s Day in Marina del Rey, and that means it’s time to show the dads in our lives that we think they’re the coolest, hippest, savviest, greatest pops in the universe — and there’s one great way to do that (aside from being extra sweet for the day)… and that’s giving him a super excellent gift.

Since tech gadgets hopelessly fascinate most modern dads, that’s a winning category to explore for sure. But which tech-inspired gift is right for your dad? Well, we scoured the web on your behalf to find the newest, most innovative presents out there. And we came across some really sweet finds.

Take a look at five Father’s Day techie gift ideas that will definitely make your dad’s day extra special.

For the On-the-Go Dad

If your dad is like most of the busy fathers out there, he wants to be constantly connected, but is always on-the-go! The Mophie Powerstation Reserve Charger for smartphones is a really cool gift option to keep him charged up and accessible, plus it comes with a key ring so he’ll always have it on-hand. Price is only $39.95, too,

For the Mr. Fix-It Dad

Ok, this Multi Tool Utility Case for smartphones is seriously awesome… kind of like a cross between an old school swiss army knife and, well… a phone cover. If your dad has an iPhones 5/5s/6/6-Plus or a Galaxy S5 and he’s a bit of a tool geek, this is definitely the gift for him. The price ranges from $29.95 to $39.95.

For the “Gotta Have the Latest Thing” Dad

Brookstone’s Virtual Keyboard is a must-have for super-techie dads simply because it’s such a nifty, futuristic concept. It works with most smartphones and tablets, connects through Bluetooth®, works on any flat surface, and uses advanced optics to track your fingers. Cool, right? Price is $99.99.

For the Grilling Master Dad

Another Brookstone gem has to be the Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer — so dad can throw some beef on the grill, and go watch the game until the thermometer tells him it’s cooked to perfection. Bonus info: the monitor transmits up to 300 feet, and it works indoors and out! Price is just $49.99.

For the Trendy Dad

If you want to spend some real money on your favorite dad and make him the envy of his office buddies, you have to splurge on the heavily trending Apple Watch. Every model is crazy cool, and the designs are diverse enough to meet every dad’s taste. They don’t come cheap though…prices vary hugely — starting from $349 and zipping all the up to $17,000.

Have you bought your Father’s Day gift yet? Let us know how you’re spoiling your dad for the day!