January 17th, 2017

Marina Spotlight: Paddle for Breast Cancer this Sunday at Mother’s Beach


The great part about life in Marina del Rey is that there are always cool things going on. Concerts in the park, Champagne brunches, and amazing events that radiate a brand of charm that’s just pure Marina magic. One of the most powerful events happening down at Mother’s Beach every month is the TBG Champion Paddle, a 90-minute SUP paddle event for breast cancer awareness & support. It happens one Sunday each month from 9 am to 10:30 am, and it’s an extraordinary way to spend a weekend morning.

The TBG Champion Paddle itself is a joint effort between the ProSUP Shop and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Tiffany B. Grunwald, to raise awareness for breast cancer, celebrate healthy bodies, and honor all of the incredible breast cancer warriors who have fought the disease. It’s a pretty nifty gathering where you can get out on the water, support friends & family and be a part of something kind of special for 90 minutes.

If you’re interested, here are the details.


Cost: $35 (slightly reduced rental rate) for SUP board rental

Suggestions: Bring a small gift for those currently fighting breast cancer, like a $10 gift card for LA bite food delivery service or an item that may come in handy for someone undergoing treatment.

Next Paddle: Sunday, January 22nd at 9 am — meet up at the ProSUP shop in the Jamaica Bay Inn at 4175 Admiralty Way.

Reservations: Visit ProSUP shop to book your spot.


Have you taken part in the Champion Paddle for breast cancer warriors before? Let us know!


January 3rd, 2017


Happy New Year again, Marina del Rey — and welcome to the third fabulous day of 2017. If you’re like most of the population, there’s a good chance you have New Year’s resolutions on your mind. Or more specifically, the age-old “NY Resolutions Question” is hanging in the air: “should I even bother this year?” Our sound advice on that front is simple — yes, make some. But make them so fun and so do-able, you’ll totally want to follow through! Need some ideas? Read on…

Resolution #1: I Will Go to the Beach More.

You live in (or around) Marina del Rey — why are you not at the beach like… every day? Between Mother’s Beach, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Beach and even Manhattan Beach — there’s zero excuse to get your zen on by the water.


Resolution #2: I Will Broaden My Restaurant Repertoire 

Now, here’s a fun resolution! We’re not saying to forego your old standbys — because favorites are favorites for a reason. But trying out a spot off your usual beaten path is a great way to add a new winner to your dining list. Plus, with Dine LA coming up this month, there’s no better time to put this resolution to work!

A couple suggestions to get you started: The grilled to perfection yumminess at Charcoal Venice will satisfy every craving with both meat and veggie dishes available. Address is 425 Washington Blvd. One more can’t miss is Casa Ado. If you haven’t tried their “Tagliollini Rossi con Ragu di Pollo alla Marsala” yet (aka: the legendary beet pasta on a bed of parmesan fondue) — put it on your to-do list pronto. Address is 12 W Washington Blvd.


Resolution #3: I Will Save Money … by Taking Advantage of Happy Hour Deals

Saving money is always on the resolutions list. And it’s a good one. So go ahead and make a plan: up the percentage of your 401K contribution; be savvier with the online shopping; and by all means, hit up the endless Happy Hour deals when you’re out on the town. Check out this list — Easiest. Resolution. Ever.

Beachside Restaurant at the Jamaica Bay Inn ­— 4175 Admiralty Way
Happy Hour: Monday through Friday 4–6:30 pm & Saturday/Sunday 3:30–6:00 pm.

Café del Rey — 4451 Admiralty Way
Happy Hour: Daily from 2:30 pm until closing time.

SALT at the Marina del Rey Hotel — 13534 Bali Way
Happy Hour: Daily from 4–6:30 pm

Tony P’s — 4445 Admiralty Way
Happy Hour: Monday through Thursday from 3–6:00 pm & Fridays from 3–7:00 pm.

Whiskey Red’s — 13813 Fiji Way
Happy Hour: Monday through Friday from 4–7:00 pm.

Killer Shrimp — 4211 Admiralty Way
Happy Hour: Monday through Friday from 3–7:00 pm; Saturday/Sunday, 3–5:00 pm.

Warehouse Restaurant (in the Wharf Bar) — 4499 Admiralty Way
Happy Hour: Monday through Friday from 3–7:00 pm.


Resolution #4: I Will Do Something Nice for Myself at Least Once a Month

Treating yourself to something nice every month can be your way of patting yourself on the back — just for being you. Reserve one day each month (like the third Sunday) and do something that feels great. Ideas? How about a Hot Stone Massage at Spa Del Rey or if you’d rather, book a 60- or 90-minute at-home massage at Spa Soleil by calling (310) 822-4200. For a little pick-me-up, you could also book a blowout at Drybar® with your BFF and then show off those lush tresses around town. Or take a private YogAqua lesson at Mother’s Beach for 90 minutes and treat your mind and body to an amazing experience. Other thoughts? How about giving yourself a sugar-smile with an ice cream cone at Salt & Straw or a Sinners and Saints mini-sweet treat in Venice? Bottom line — resolve to spoil yourself every once in a while. You’re totally worth it.


Are you ready for a resolution-revolution? Let us know your resolution pledges for 2017!




November 8th, 2016



Happy Election Day, Marina del Rey! Today is the day we celebrate our right as Americans to head into the polling booths, high five our neighbors and vote for the next leaders of our great country. It’s been an interesting election for sure, so once you mark your ballot and step out into another fabulous Marina day, you’ll probably breathe a sigh of relief and start thinking about how to get through the long night of poll results. Well we have a suggestion right here — invite your besties over for an After-Voting Party. Can you picture it? Chilling out on your patio or rooftop terrace (if you live in one of the Marina’s waterfront communities, that’s a total given), enjoying some patriotic-inspired cocktails — Bluetooth speakers keeping you in the loop without tethering you to the big screen. Such a relaxing, fun way to get through the waiting, right?


November 1st, 2016

Where to Celebrate World Vegan Month In and Around Marina del Rey

Happy World Vegan Month, Marina del Rey! Vegan (aka: Plant-Based) living is huge, and it’s being embraced more than ever before across the nation. Thanks to amazing voices of organizations like The Gentle Barn and Farm Sanctuary; visionary Los Angeles entrepreneurs like Ethan Brown (Founder of Beyond Meat) and Bob Goldberg and Paul Lewin (Follow Your Heart founders); and inspiring chefs including Ann Gentry of RFD and Chloe Coscarelli (“Cupcake War” winner and restaurateur), people are discovering that adopting some form of a vegan lifestyle can impact animals and the planet in the best possible way — and still make your taste buds happy.

One of the best ways to celebrate the awesomeness of compassionate eating is to visit one of the incredible vegan restaurants we have in and around Marina del Rey. No matter what you’re hankering — Mexican, Japanese, Gourmet, Comfort Food, Thai — it’s all easily within reach.

Ready to get down and dirty with some plant-based goodness for World Vegan Month? Here are five must-try spots!