November 13th, 2018

Marina del Rey Trend Alert: Dining Out for Thanksgiving!

November 22 (THURSDAY!) is Thanksgiving, the day we give thanks for all the good things in life by filling our tummies with copious amounts of food. (And then we nap!) There’s only one holiday conundrum we face every year—where are we going to indulge? The conventional way to celebrate is to cook up a storm at home and serve it up like a Norman Rockwell painting. But more and more Angelinos are discovering the pleasure, convenience and deliciousness that comes with a restaurant-prepared feast, which FYI, is in abundance around Marina del Rey. Whether you go for the traditional turkey/stuffing/sweet potato combo, a plant-based masterpiece or something in between—the Thanksgiving goodies you crave are all within reach.

Once you choose, get your reservations (or your order for pickups!) soon… the holiday is right around the corner and the best spots are filling up fast. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


March 29th, 2016

Puttin’ on the Ritz: Marina del Rey’s Ritz Carlton Unveils Gorgeous Room Renovations

If you have any friends or family coming in town (or you just feel like treating yourself to a sensational waterfront weekend in the Marina), we have some awesome hotel news for you — the super luxurious Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey just completed their guest room renovations and boy, did they ever do a fab job. Where before they were a wee bit outdated, now, every guest room and suite is chic and sophisticated with kind of an understated, modern elegance. In other words: they’re everything you’d expect from the Ritz Carlton.


Using a renowned international interior design firm, the newly updated rooms are inspired by the Marina’s unbelievable sunsets with white, orange, gold and crisp sea blue making up the color scheme, and design elements like geode-bedazzled lamps (FYI: geodes are these hollow rocks filled with beautiful, sparkly crystals inside… amazing), custom-made art work and sleek headboards enhanced by a dramatic, gold “sea urchin” embellishment. There’s also a nice 49-inch flat panel TV in every room and a Nespresso® coffee machine to satisfy your early morning caffeine cravings (because the Ritz Carlton is not making you settle for some rickety, old Mr. Coffee).


January 20th, 2015

Turning Heads: the Revamped Marina del Rey Hotel

If you’ve been anywhere near Burton Chace Park in the last week or so, you may have gazed across the channel and noticed a pretty snazzy sight — the newly revamped and fully awesome Marina del Rey Hotel by Pacifica Hotels. Yep, just over 50 years after they first opened (that would be 1964 for those of us who are mathematically challenged), the iconic hotel went through a $25 million dollar renovation to revitalize the waterfront property with 4-star amenities, 155 brand-new guest rooms and 9 luxury suites. And now, it’s open for business.


So what can you expect if you decide to swing by? Here are some of the highlights:

  • New SALT Restaurant and Bar (View Menus)
  • Firepit Lounging Areas
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Year-Round Heated Infinity Pool and Spa with Sundeck Facing the Marina
  • Cocktails and light menu offered poolside
  • 55-inch LED HD TVs in every room
  • 24-Hour Room Service
  • 24-Hour Business Center
  • Bike Rentals
  • Gorgeous waterfront location off Bali Way

November 11th, 2014

Lace Up: Santa Monica’s ICE is Back

Who doesn’t love late fall in Marina del Rey? While much of the country is shivering through freezing temperatures (seriously…40-degree highs? Brrr!), we’re coasting through to Thanksgiving with some sweet summer temps. The only advantage colder climates may have on us is the ability to indulge in one of cold’s best past times—Outdoor Ice Skating. If only there was a way to take to the ice without having to immerse ourselves in those frigid glacial temps. Guess what, ice-skating fans—there is a way. Because ICE at Santa Monica is back!