July 5th, 2018

FAB FOUR: Track Down These 4 Sweets Trucks for National Ice Cream Month

Right now, at this very moment, you’re in the midst of the coolest, most refreshing, most delicious month on the calendar—July. Actually, NATIONAL-ICE-CREAM-MONTH-JULY to be exact. For 31 days, you have one duty and one duty only: to enjoy this quintessential summertime treat anytime, anywhere, in any form! Think of it as a must-have reward for those grueling days frolicking at Mother’s Beach with your besties, SUPing on the harbor, biking down Marvin Braude Trail and stuffing yourself silly on amazing harborside meals. After all, having an unforgettable Marina del Rey summer works up and appetite.

Looking for some prime ice cream spots to hit up? Well, instead of sharing a list of the great shops around town (aka: Coldstone in Marina del Rey; Venice’s Salt & Straw, Kippy’s or the new Ben & Jerry’s; and Ginger’s Divine or CoolHaus™ in Culver City), we did some tasty research and found the most delectable cool-sweets trucks you’ll want to track down this month. Of course, the trucks aren’t in our neck of the woods ALL of the time, but if you keep an eye on the food truck calendars (especially Beach Eats), you’ll know when they’re coming on through.

Best Treats on Four Wheels


Blast Liquid Nitrogen

First off, if you see the Blast truck around town, you’ll know it right away—because they have a really nifty trailer (reclaimed wood design adorned with big ole’ chalkboards and cute flower boxes). Then there’s the sublime liquid nitrogen ice cream… boy it’s good. The business prides itself on being eco-conscious so all the ice cream ingredients (five in all) are carefully sourced using local organic farms, organic sugar cane, fair trade vanilla and chocolate, and zero chemicals/dyes/etc. Trust us when we say — you want to get a sundae. They have both seasonal flavors available or you can concoct your own (plus they have floats, scoops and a mouthwatering topping selection). Suggestions: Kettle Corn sundae (So. Good.) … or the grown-up Irish Breakfast with steel-cut oats soaked in Stout beer with “hints of chocolate and coffee” in the ice cream. P.S. The strawberry ice cream is also insanely fresh and delicious—especially topped with mulled wine reduction.


King Kone

King Kone, a small family-owned LA business, is known for their awesome soft serve (yes, they also have the hard stuff if you’re not a softie-fan)—and when they come around the area this month…INDULGE! Their yummy flavors and irresistible concoctions make you feel like a kid again—imagine a vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles, one of their special signature dipped cones (in premium milk chocolate), old-school root beer floats and even fruity-flavored shaved ice (which is so darn summery)! We know…the craving is real.


Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Truck

Ah Van Leeuwen, thanks for bringing a little New York to the West Coast with yummy, fresh ice cream that always makes us happy. The mellow yellow truck can often be found right next door in Venice (check their calendar to make sure) but if you want to cheat and go to the storefront, lucky Marina del Rey-ers can just hop over to Culver City and scoop out any day of the week. Not-to-be-missed-flavors—Earl Grey, Honey Comb and vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. P.S. If they still by chance have the seasonal Royal Wedding Cake as a special—get it! (The blend of sweet cream ice cream, elderflower buttercream frosting, and lemon pound cake pieces is bloody brilliant!)


Waffles de Liege

Waffles in an ice cream story? Um… yeah! Ice cream on waffles is basically the best thing ever…and Waffles de Liege offers a scoop or two of family-owned Fosselman’s Ice Cream on any of their waffle delights. Need us to provide some inspiration? Ok, imagine some creamy, dreamy vanilla ice cream on their Nutella Classic (waffle, Nutella, bananas, whipped cream and almonds) or a scoop of English Toffee ice cream on Speculoos Special with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Uh huh, now you get the connection, right? And guess what? They’ll be just a wee drive away tonight at the San Pedro Art Walk!


Have you already started celebrating National Ice Cream Month? If not, have at it—deliciousness is waiting on four wheels (or at your favorite shop). Enjoy the goodness!