Esprit Marina

July 21st, 2017

Flashing Back to 4th of July: Epic Party Fun at Esprit in Marina del Rey

You know you had a stellar party when weeks go by, and people are still buzzing about the fun. That’s the exact story of Esprit’s private Fourth of July event earlier this month — it was epic and shenanigan-inspired nostalgia is already setting in. So, we thought we’d push some envy buttons, share the details and give everyone a glimpse into what makes waterfront communities like Esprit so darn cool.

Ready for this? We had 650 residents, boaters and guests attend the outdoor shindig, which was right out in front of the main channel on the Marina waterfront. Yes, perfect setting, we know.

Esprit outdoors

The sinfully good Earle’s on Crenshaw catered the event, providing masterfully prepared July 4th standards like hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, potato and macaroni salads, fresh fruit and more.

Earles grill

(Of course, plenty of beer and wine were flowing to wash all of that deliciousness down!)

Esprit Bar
The atmosphere was electric thanks to the amazing skills of DJ Gabriel Diggs (who happens to be actor Taye Diggs’ brother) and as you can imagine, guests had an absolute blast. There was also a Photo Booth from BryTy Events — because snapping up the moment never gets old.

Photo Booth

Now, let’s get to the centerpiece of every 4th of July celebration — FIREWORKS! Since Esprit is right on the waterfront, Marina del Rey’s annual fireworks show pretty much unfolded right before our guests’ eyes. It was amazing. Breathtaking. Dazzling. (Any word you can think of to describe a moment of pure awe — insert here.)

fireworks 2


Take a look at some of the images we captured from the event — and if you recognize anyone, feel free to share the post! In case you’re curious about Esprit, you can learn more at

foursome esprit threesome esprit Esprit Couple 669 Esprit 2
threesome esprit 2

Were you at the Esprit 4th of July event? Let us know and feel free to share your photos!