May 30th, 2017

Hike, Paddle & Smell the Roses — How to Celebrate Great Outdoors Month in Marina del Rey

June marks another “Great Outdoors Month” in the United States, and that means it’s officially time to indulge in the spectacular outdoorsy opportunities happening all around us. Sometimes we all get so wrapped up in work, errands and the bustle of everyday life, we forget to get out there and literally smell the roses, get awestruck by wildlife, and connect with the planet on the most basic level. Plus, biking, walking, hiking, kayaking, paddling — all excellent ways to get your blood pumping without having to hit the gym. Sounds pretty good, right? Then start prepping — air up your bike tires, lace up your hiking boots, wipe down your paddleboard, and make some plans. Afterall, June is practically here!

Alright, we’ve set the stage for inspiration. Now it’s time to look at some of the best options in and around town. Have fun, everyone. Happy Great Outdoors Month!



Ballona Creek Trail

Ballona Creek Bike Path

If you’re not a hard-core cyclist, Ballona Creek’s smooth path is a nice, low-key excursion that runs alongside the Creek, where you’ll likely catch a glimpse of some beautiful wildlife. The course runs about 13.8 miles, from the Marina up to Culver City and back.

South Bay Bike Trail

Hop on the South Bay Trail from Burton Chace Park and you can leisurely cruise all the way down to Redondo Beach. It’s a nice, relaxing ride by the water but since there’s an 8-mph speed limit recommendation and lots of pedestrians, don’t plan on speed-racing. Beautiful though, and you’ll have plenty of great pit stop temptations along the way!

LMU (Loyola Marymount University) Bluff Trail

Cyclists, walkers, runners, families out for strolls, dogs frolicking with their owners — everyone seems to love this easy four-mile trail. You’ll find mostly dirt trails lined with lush greenery, wildflowers, maybe some sea birds, urban panoramas (it is LA, afterall) and a few overlook points to take it all in.


The great outdoors obviously includes the water — and what better way to take it all in than a beautiful sail on the harbor? Head to Marina del Rey Boat Rentals and check out their cozy Catalina 14.2 sailboat, which is awesome for novice sailors or their sleek Catalina 22. For more experienced sailors, the powerful Hobie Cat Getaway is a prize and accommodates up to six people. Just remember, you need to prove your sailing proficiency to be at the helm of this bad boy so prepare to show off your mad skills.


MDR Kayak

When it comes to celebrating the great outdoors on a kayak or board, Marina del Rey has you covered in the rental department. Marina del Rey Boat Rentals has both one- and two-people kayaks for rent, as well as boards for standup paddle outings. Another place to check out is Paddle Method, which gets extra props for their great paddleboard excursions — especially their stellar sunset paddles. Also, we can’t forget about the Pro SUP Shop at Jamaica Bay Inn, which is right on Mother’s Beach. Reserve your paddle or kayak right online, bring your confirmation and your vessel will me waiting when you arrive. The Pro Shop is also known for their 90-minute Champion Paddles, which is a joint effort between the shop and Dr. Tiffany Grunwald, MD to honor women battling breast cancer. The prices are reduced to $35 for the paddle, which happens one Sunday each month — including June, of course. Not only is it a really cool, worthwhile event but it gets you out on the water, enjoying another gorgeous Marina day.


Just like peanutbutter and Jelly, Marina del Rey harbor and fishing are made for each other. And when the great outdoors is calling, this relaxing (unless JAWS chomps on the line) pastime heeds the call perfectly. Marina del Rey Sportfishing is the go-to place with public and private fishing charters, plus dock fishing all available. If you’re more of a gazer than a fisher, you might also take advantage of their year-round Whale Watching tours — seeing those beautiful creatures in their natural habitat is downright breathtaking.


Celebrating the great outdoors soaring 500 (or 800!) feet above the water sounds like a thrill, doesn’t it? And you can do it right in Marina del Rey! Call Marina del Rey Parasailing and book your ride that will gently lift you right from a boat deck, up in the air where you’ll enjoy fantastic views of the Marina del Rey Village, Santa Monica Pier, the Venice Boardwalk and more. Bonus: right now, they’re offering $15 off for rides before noon.

Are you ready to make the most of Great Outdoors Month in Marina del Rey? There are so many options — let us know which ones tempt you the most!