January 23rd, 2018


Forks up, Marina del Rey—today is National Pie Day! We know this is a tough holiday to get behind because, jeez, who wants to dive into buttery crust and decadent filling all day? But by golly, we’ll do our best to get through it! There’s a dazzling array of pies available in and around Marina del Rey, so let’s just say—celebrating will most certainly be pleasurable. Plus, there’s sweet and savory varieties on the menus, which means it’s totally acceptable to pie-indulge for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here are five suggestions to get you on your way to deliciousness today. Enjoy—and Happy Pie Day!

4714 Lincoln Blvd, Marina del Rey

It may say “cakes” in the name—but this awesome bakery destination has all your favorite sweets, including darn good seasonal fruit pies and a decadent chocolate cream pie. One of the most scrumptious order recommendations has to be one of their fruit Crumble Pies—mostly because that crumble is heavenly! They also have super yummy Whoopie Pies (not the traditional idea of pie but we say it still counts!).


324 Lincoln Blvd., Venice

The much-loved Pie Hole has opened a location in Venice, just a few miles from the Marina—and ooooh we couldn’t be happier. They have amazing pie concoctions, lots of seating and a great beverage menu—so what are you waiting for? High-tail it over there and dig into something wonderful like their Veggie Kale Breakfast Hand Pie, their famous Earl Grey Tea pie (SO GOOD!), or for dinner, a steaming Chicken n’ Cornbread Pot Pie.


4119 S. Centinela, Los Angeles

Getting a whole pie for yourself may seem like overdoing it—but at Hotcakes Bakes, it’s not…because you can get individual pies for just $7! It’s like the perfect amount of pie-happiness. Give their individual Banana Cream Pie a try for crazy amounts of decadence (plus some potassium!) or order up the individual Apple Pie with that amazing double crust.


2510 Main St.  #B, Santa Monica

There’s a reason fans rave about Fork-in Aussie in Santa Monica—it’s kind of extraordinary in a true comfort food kind of way. Their savory pies famously take three days to make and they pretty much have something for everyone. For National Pie Day, a five-inch Personal Pie is a solid bet in flavors like the Chicken Tarragon, Steak & Shiraz and their vegan-friendly Veggie Shepherd Pie. Oh, and if you’re craving sweet pie, no problem! They also offer fruit pies and tarts, ranging from apple and raspberry to apricot and mixed fruit. Enjoy, mate!


2327 Main St., Santa Monica

Who doesn’t love some Urth Caffe yumminess now and again? The food is so dependably good, we’ll have to go with “not a person on earth” for that answer. And that goes double for their pies, which are fresh, flaky and delicious—and all just $6.75 a slice! There’s a nice variety to choose from, including Old-Fashioned Pecan Pie, Blueberry Pie, Coconut Custard Pie, and for vegans, the Vegan Victory Pumpkin Pie (which is also gluten-free). So, stop in for lunch if you’re meandering around Santa Monica and get your pie fix.


Now that you’re armed with ideas and have pie on the brain—we suggest your decadence begins now! Are you celebrating National Pie Day today? Let us know.