November 21st, 2013

Massive Rebuild May Be In-the-Works for Fisherman’s Village

Los Angeles County officials are contemplating a major change for the town of Marina del Rey—a “near-total rebuild” of the iconic Fisherman’s Village. Officials are busily putting together a unified vision of the new and improved Fisherman’s Village, which would tentatively include more dock space for recreational watercraft, a larger retail and restaurant presence and transportation upgrades.

Courtesy of Los Angeles County via Curbed LA

Courtesy of Los Angeles County via Curbed LA

This overhaul would mean the five existing wooden buildings would be replaced with new structures, while the legendary lighthouse would remain in place. This move towards renovation is in great part due to the input of the public, who has long hoped for changes that would provide easier pedestrian, water and vehicle access to the area. These upgrades would also include better access for boats, kayaks and outrigger canoes.

According to the Argonaut News’ article, supervising regional planner Gina Natoli said this of the plans: “People would like to see more mobility, making it easier for (them) to get around the marina…they’d like to see different kinds of restaurants and a more user-friendly retail presence. And more places to stroll and wander—so that the environment is more pedestrian friendly.”

While a rendering of plans has already been released to the public (see above), Ms. Natoli warns that these drawings are only speculative. The timeline for the renovations are still in discussion, but according to Pat Younis of Pacific Ocean Management, the “goal is to proceed as quickly as possible.” The vision statement is set to be unveiled in December with the new master plan documents following in 2014.

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