July 12th, 2017

National Ice Cream Day Alert: 6 Outstanding Ice Cream Shops in Marina del Rey & Beyond

Get ready for the coolest, creamiest, most delicious Sunday of the year, everyone — because July 16 is National Ice Cream Day! This delightfully-official holiday (well, for ice-cream lovers, anyway) demands one thing and one thing only: that you happily consume at least one scoop of your most favorite, delectable ice cream flavor on Sunday. Mint chocolate chip, salted caramel, strawberry-cilantro-lime-cheesecake, vegan cinnamon date …. whatever you love, it’s time to give in to the craving.

To get you on your way, here are six must-try shops in and around Marina del Rey that will get the job done. PS July is Ice Cream MONTH, too — so feel free to keep the ice cream party going—all month long. 

Bonaventura Gelato Lounge 
4724 Lincoln Blvd., Marina del Rey

Gelato spaghetti

Your first stop must be the Marina del Rey Bonaventura Gelato Lounge – no, it may not have “ice cream” in the name, but it meets all the cold and yummy treat criteria. We have to recommend their classic spaghetti gelato because, well, it’s amazingly good and fun to eat (vanilla gelato strands topped with strawberry sauce and white chocolate sprinkles? How could you not partake?). If you want to treat some friends, you could also go for their omg-so-good Pizza Gelato.



Salt & Straw 
1357 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice

salt and straw

Portland-favorite Salt & Straw is another fab stop to add to your list, and since it’s right up the beach in Venice, it’s convenient, too. Especially if you’re in the mood for something a little adventurous like the Black Olive Brittle and Goat Cheese concoction or the divine Honey Lavender. They also have a tasty vegan Silencio Black Tea & Coconut Stracciatella for those wanting to indulge dairy-free.



Kippy’s Ice Cream
245 Main Street, Venice

Kippys vegan copy
Speaking of vegan-friendly indulgences, Kippy’s in Venice is so darn good! Seriously, when they say “the evolution of ice cream” on their site – it really is next generation delish. Everything on their menu is non-dairy, raw, organic and sugar-free — but one taste and you realize you’ll never miss that sugar. A lot of flavors do have raw honey in it (a no-no for vegans) but never fear, great flavors like the aforementioned cinnamon date are 100% plant-based and super yummy.



N’Ice Cream  
12746 W Jefferson Blvd, Playa Vista

N'ice cream

The newest N’ice Cream location in Playa Vista is just a short jaunt from the Marina and has a good selection of fresh, super tasty froyo, sherbet, gelato and vegan goodies. All flavors are made with ingredients sourced locally and the self-serve atmosphere means you can mix and match to your heart’s delight. They also have a spot on the Venice boardwalk so stop by there, too! (Flavors just may include crazy good temptations like cookie butter, mint-lime sorbet and



Gingers Divine Ice cream
12550 Washington Blvd., Culver City

Gingers copy

Drive a few miles up to the corner of Washington and Neosho Ave. and you’ll arrive at the adorable, little Ginger’s storefront — where some of the best hand-made ice cream (and popsicles!) await your eager taste buds. All of the fruits used in their goods are from local farmer’s markets so you know they’re fresh and fabulous. In addition to their simple but unbelievably good Burnt Sugar Vanilla, there are some amazing, inventive flavors you’ll want to try like “The Dude” White Russian, Sweet Corn, Blueberry and Thyme and the decadent Salty Caramel with White Chocolate Chip. And yes plant-based lovers, they have choices for you, too! The mango and chocolate chip are both deliciously vegan.



Sweet Lucie’s
12222 Venice Blvd., Mar Vista

Sweet Lucies fruity pebble ice cream sandwich copy

For those who settle for nothing less than organic, you’ll be happy to know the super friendly Sweet Lucie’s has you covered for National Ice Cream Day. This adorable Mar Vista scoop shop features a great, rotating selection of ice creams and sorbets, plus an impressive vegan selection that people seriously rave about. Also, since they’re the first USDA Organic certified ice cream manufacturer in SOCal — they’re happily as earth friendly as possible.



Is your favorite ice cream shop on our list? Tell us where you’ll be celebrating National Ice Cream Day this weekend!