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February 15th, 2017

Supporting American Heart Month in Marina del Rey


Pantone’s 2017 color of the year may be in a shade of green — but when February comes around, it’s all about RED, people. Because (in case you didn’t know), this month happens to be American Heart Month, where the nation shines a light on cardiovascular health. In Marina del Rey, keeping our cardio powering on should be pretty easy with all of the outdoor activities happening around town — but we’ve all been there when work gets busy, life gets hectic and we’re just not taking care of ourselves as well as we should be. That’s why it’s so important to talk about cardiovascular health, and American Heart Month starts the conversation and gets us thinking about what we can do for ourselves and others.

Here are a few ideas to make the most of this month (and keep it going!).


February 7th, 2017

How to Add Some Marina del Rey Romance to Your Valentine’s Day

Today is February 7th — and that means if you’re a Valentine’s Day fan, you have ONE short week to get your romance agenda in order. The classic red roses and chocolates is always a solid starter. But from there, how about taking it to the next level with some seriously romantic gestures right here in Marina del Rey? You’ve got to admit this town is ready-made for this wonderfully sweet holiday with magical harbor sunsets, a tranquil beach, a beautiful park and so much more.

If you’re looking for some ideas, oh boy, we’ve got them. So take a look, get your tablet out and prepare to make your reservations pronto (seriously, they go quickly!). You’re about to give your #1 date a Valentine’s Day they’ll always remember. Have fun!


January 31st, 2017


Super Bowl

Ok, so our Rams aren’t ready for a Super Bowl (YET) but this Sunday’s big game is still totally worth getting excited about. First off, take a look at the pseudo David & Goliath angle — the New England Patriots heading into their record 9th Super Bowl (and Tom Brady hoping to set a record as the first quarterback with five Super Bowl rings) and the Atlanta Falcons playing their way into their second Super Bowl ever — this is exhilarating stuff! And then there’s the second reason— watching the game at hotspots in and around Marina del Rey is always crazy amounts of fun! Lots of TVs, lots of people, lots of food and drink specials — no matter where you go, it’s bound to feel like the best party in town.

The question is: where should you go to watch Super Bowl LI? There are plenty of options, but we have a list of some of your best bets right here. Check it out!


January 23rd, 2017

Buy or Bake Your Way to a Smile! It’s National Pie Day In & Around Marina del Rey

“PIE.” Just the word brings a smile to your face, doesn’t it? There’s a reason for that — pie is one of the greatest creations on the planet. And guess what? Monday (TODAY!), January 23rd is National Pie Day — aka: the day it’s almost patriotic to dive fork-first into some flaky, sweet pie goodness.

To celebrate, you’re obviously obliged to have at least one slice for yourself, but you can also honor the holiday by hosting a pie party after work, surprising friends or co-workers with a pie, giving a pie to the local fire or police station (as a thank you for their selfless work) or brush up on your pie baking skills just for the fun of it!


January 17th, 2017

Marina Spotlight: Paddle for Breast Cancer this Sunday at Mother’s Beach


The great part about life in Marina del Rey is that there are always cool things going on. Concerts in the park, Champagne brunches, and amazing events that radiate a brand of charm that’s just pure Marina magic. One of the most powerful events happening down at Mother’s Beach every month is the TBG Champion Paddle, a 90-minute SUP paddle event for breast cancer awareness & support. It happens one Sunday each month from 9 am to 10:30 am, and it’s an extraordinary way to spend a weekend morning.

The TBG Champion Paddle itself is a joint effort between the ProSUP Shop and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Tiffany B. Grunwald, to raise awareness for breast cancer, celebrate healthy bodies, and honor all of the incredible breast cancer warriors who have fought the disease. It’s a pretty nifty gathering where you can get out on the water, support friends & family and be a part of something kind of special for 90 minutes.

If you’re interested, here are the details.