November 8th, 2017


While California has one of the lowest numbers of adult smokers in the nation (yay for us!) — there are still people out there who haven’t yet kicked the habit. Yep, even in beautiful Marina del Rey, where the air is fresh and active lifestyles are just part of our paradise. That’s why we want to remind everyone about the Great American Smokeout on Thursday, November 16th. If you or someone you know is focused on quitting cigarettes for good, this annual, united event is a great time to start the process. Smokers need support and the Great American Smokeout is all about coming together, providing resources and encouraging our friends to never quit quitting.

The benefits to your health start within 20 minutes of crushing the habit and going smoke free.

Check out these stats:

  • AFTER 20 MINUTES, your heart rate and blood pressure go down


  • AFTER 12 HOURS, the nasty carbon monoxide in your blood drops to normal levels


  • AFTER 2–3 MONTHS, your circulation and lung function improves


  • BETWEEN 1 & 9 MONTHS after quitting, your cilia start working normally again – leading to less coughing and shortness of breath


  • AFTER 1 YEAR, your risk of heart attack does a major downward turn


  • AFTER 5 YEARS, you have a 50% less chance of getting cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus & bladder. Plus, cervical cancer risks decrease dramatically


  • AFTER 10 YEARS, the risk of lung cancer drops to about half the amount of a current smoker


  • AFTER 15 YEARS, the risk of coronary heart disease is the same as a lifelong non-smoker


Plus, food will taste will better (so eating out at Café del Rey, SALT or any other fabulous harbor-side restaurant could be a whole new culinary experience!); your sense of smell will improve (always a good thing); you’ll smell better (who wants to smell like an ashtray?); and huge bonus — you’ll save money (and have more for dining out and indulging in fun to-dos like YOGAqua classes!). All awesome things, right?


Now, let’s get you on the path to a smoke-free life in Marina del Rey!


Pick a Quit Date like Thursday, November 16th (#GASO!)


Get rid of ashtrays and cigarettes and load up on oral substitutes (i.e. gum, hard candy, or even just a straw or toothpick)


Make sure you have a support — maybe post your plan on social media to get your friends rallying around you


Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol or other smoking triggers


Stay busy and active — take walks at Burton Chace Park or ride your bike down Marvin Braude Bike Trail to enjoy the beauty AND fresh, smoke-free air!


Think about attending a Nicotine Anonymous® Meeting (NicA) for extra support. There’s one every Saturday at the Marina Center in Culver City (Butt Kickers – 12720 W. Washington Blvd. at 5 pm).


If you don’t want a face-to-face meeting, take advantage of the NiCA phone meetings. People who do are twice as likely to succeed!


Meet with your doctor to learn about methods to help with cravings. You could also try Nicotine Replacement Therapy like patches, gum or lozenges (but make sure to read and follow the directions carefully!)


Spread the word and if you’re a cigarette smoker, never quit quitting. Are you ready to take part in the Great American Smokeout? We’re all rooting for you! Let’s go!