July 5th, 2017


Burton Chace Park in Marina del Rey really is the place to be this summer! A lot of us just wrapped up an epic 4th of July celebration there, and starting this weekend, the park will be the site of the spectacular Marina Movie Nights. If you’ve never indulged, you’re missing out. It’s by far one of the best summer to-dos in the area — especially for families looking for a great, low-key, outdoor weekend outing.

Batman Movie

So, this Saturday, July 8, will mark the season’s very first movie —The Lego Batman Movie, which will be lighting up the gigantic park screen (with that beautiful harbor of ours in the background) at 8 pm sharp. This is definitely a fun one for all ages, with characters voiced by the likes of Will Arnett (Batman), Michael Cera (Robin), Rosario Dawson (Bat Girl), Conan O’Brien (The Riddler) and – Apple’s “Siri” in its first big screen role!

If you come early, you’ll also be able to take part in the event’s new JAM Session (another irresistible attraction for kids), where you’ll learn sweet new dance moves to show off to all of your friends. This Saturday’s routine is a hip-hop dance, so prepare for some high-energy fun.  (P.S. It’s totally free to participate.)

Are you ready to partake in the movie goodness? Then pack a picnic, bring your beach chair or blanket, and hunker down for a Marina-style Saturday night.


Here’s the full season schedule:


JULY 8 – Lego Batman Movie


JULY 22 – Singin’ in the Rain


AUGUST 5 – Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory


AUGUST 19 – Swiss Family Robinson (plus, before the movie, another JAM session will teach a Pacific Island Dance routine)


Will we see you at Burton Chace Park this weekend (13650 Mindanao Way)? Let us know if you’ll be arriving early to show off your hip hop moves! See you there.