May 10th, 2016


Living in Marina del Rey means we’ve all had a few star-struck moments now and again, but from May 18th until the 20th, those star-struck feelings will reach galactic new heights— because ET is coming to town! Ok, not the cute little ET that phones home. We’re talking about ET-94 — a NASA External Tank that was constructed for the space shuttle Columbia! This giant component of the shuttle has traveled all the way across the Panama Canal and is on its way to the California Science Center’s Samuel Oschin Air & Space Center to be on display as part of the complete shuttle stack. Before it arrives there, though — it’s coming to Marina del Rey!

Here are the Details


  • ET-94 will be at Fisherman’s Village from Wednesday, May 18th until Friday, May 20th at midnight.


  • The public is welcome to stop by for a view and even take some pictures to commemorate their brush with history!


  • After catching an ET-94 glimpse on Friday, May 20th, Burton Chace Park is hosting “PARTY IN THE PARK” from 5 pm to 9 pm where there will be space-themed activities and games, food trucks, science exhibits and a DJ.


  • The Beach Shuttle will be operating until 10 pm so hop on board for a free ride to Fisherman’s Village and Burton Chace Park!


The Low-Down on the ET-94

Image Source: California Science Center

Image Source: California Science Center

In case you want to dazzle your fellow ET-94 fans during your Fisherman’s Village visit, here is the low-down on the “External Tank 94.”  Basically, it’s a 65,000-pound gas tank (when empty) that carries propellants for the main engines of the NASA space shuttle’s “orbiter,” which leads to that hugely anticipated BLAST OFF moment that always gets our hearts racing. About 8.5 minutes after the shuttle launches into orbit, the empty External Tank detaches and falls back down to the earth — pretty much disintegrating on the way down.

Now NASA has had three different ET models over the last 30 years, and the ET-94 is the second model — the “Light Weight,” and never went into orbit since newer, even more lightweight models were already under construction. But it’s still really cool to see this seriously remarkable piece of NASA science up close…and since it’s the last “flight-qualified External Tank” in existence — it’s truly part of history now!


 Are you planning on heading down to Fisherman’s Village to get your glimpse of the ET-94? If you go on Friday, don’t forget to hit up the after-viewing “Party in the Park” (at Burton Chace Park), starting at 5 pm!